Complexity triumph in magnificent Milan

A new name


in Milan

FIFA eClub World Cup

Complexity crowned 🏆


Could be named champions


Made it to Milan



Clubs tried to qualify


👋 Spencer FC was on the case...

...As the drama got rolling! 🤩


Sporting CP, FaZe Clan and Gillette Infinity Esports give us a nail-biting finish

Group action


Hashtag United, FC Basel, Fnatic & Complexity coast through in first

Into the quarters!

✅ Nasr eSports

✅ Ellevens

Sporting SP eSports ✅

Roma eSports ✅

✅ Fnatic

✅ Borussia eSports

Complexity Gaming ✅

Neo ✅

But their road ended in the semis at the hands of Ellevens 😵 despair.


🙌 Pre-tournament favourites Fnatic特级做人爱c级日本, 'Tom' & 'Tekkz', made it through a nerve-jangling quarter-final...


  • Topped Group D ahead of the likes of Manchester City
  • Was a first tournament final for 'MaXe'
  • 'Joksan' had had success but yet to claim a major title
  • Ellevens

  • First tournament appearance
  • New team set up by Gareth Bale
  • Featured the experienced 'Resende' & 'EthxnH'
  • An unexpected journey

    Few predicted the final duo of Ellevens and Complexity

    特级做人爱c级日本After a win for 'Joksan', then Ellevens claiming the 2v2 win, it was left to 'MaXe' to edge out 'Resende' on penalties!

    Edge. Of. Your. Seat.


    FIFA eClub World Cup roll of honour

  • 2017 - Brondby eSport
  • 2018 - Brondby eSport
  • 2019 - King eSports
  • 2020 - Complexity Gaming
  • Even more eClub World Cup!